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Microsoft Outlook is the standard for Vislink offices.

Installing E-Signature

• Verify with your IT Manager that the Vislink E-Signature software is installed.

• Close all open Internet Explorer windows on your computer

•In Internet Explorer, enter the following address:

• Add this website to your Favorites

• Next in the Tools Menu in Internet Explorer go to Internet Options/Security/Local Intranet

• Next Click Custom Level

• Scroll Down and ENABLE “Initialize and Script ActiveX Controls not Marked as Safe”

• Next under the Local Internet portion of the previous menu click Sites…

• Click Advanced

• Then Add and click the Add button

• Click OK to exit out of all open Internet Windows

• From Internet Explorer, now revisit

The following screen displays.

Fill out the fields and select the appropriate business unit and office location.

Once complete Press Install Signature. The screen below displays.

Start up Outlook.

Press Tools, then the Mail Format tab..

Select the Mail Signature type at the bottom of the screen, and press Apply.

To test your signature, press New Message. Your e-mail signature should appear in the body of the message as shown below.

If your message doesn't display correctly, contact your IT manager.

Making Changes to Existing E-Signatures

If you need to make changes to your E-Signature address,

• Log onto

When the "Install E-mail Signature" menu displays, press Import user information

This action re-populates the menu fields with your previously entered personal information

• Make your changes and press Install Signature.

• Open Outlook and follow the instructions above for selecting and applying the new signature.

Adding more than one E-Signature

You can create additional E-Signature addresses for a different business unit.'

To do this, return to the Install Menu by entering:

• Enter your email information.

NOTE: You must 1. select a different business unit. and 2. Uncheck "Clear Existing Signatures."

Once complete Press Install Signature. and return to Outlook to select the new E-Signature.

Standard Fonts

Both Mac and Window PCs most often come standard with:

Arial 10 pt.